Production of  types of fiberglass vehicles including Flat, wavy, twist, twisty and flip-flop slides In many different designs

Sahand Technology’s design team always welcomes new ideas and able to build and adding specialized equipment and a variety of resorts to suit your project.

Sahand technology park slides in different designs produced as follows:

Set slides code SF 134                                                     Set slides code SF 107

سرسره پارکی                                        سرسره پارکی

Set slides code SF 120
سرسره پارکی                                          سرسره پارکی

Set slides code SF 121
سرسره پارکی                             سرسره پارکی

                                                     Rock slides code SF126                                                                       
Screw slides around SF 125
                                            سرسره پارکی                                               سرسره

Smooth slides different Mtrazhhay